The Last Call Foundation, with the support of our generous donors, has raised more than $900,000.

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Thanks in part to a $232,000 grant from the Last Call Foundation, the Boston Sparks Association unveiled its brand new First Responder Canteen and Comfort Truck on Sunday, September 27, 2015. The truck responds to multi-alarm emergencies and provides first responders with access to a variety of resources and respite ensuring that they are able to safely return to protecting the public.


In 2014, we set out to simply purchase and deliver washers for the 36 firehouses around Boston. As we worked to accomplish this goal, we quickly realized that most of the firehouses were not equipped to handle these new machines. As part of our effort, we have not only provided 25 washers, but we have also funded their installation by retrofitting the plumbing and electrical services at the firehouses. To date, we have provided more than $309,000 in funding towards this initiative.


To date, the Last Call Foundation has granted the Worcester Polytechnic Institute $75,000 to fund the discovery phase of their project to develop a Next Generation Fire Attack Hose that is fire resistant and meets the diverse needs of the fire service during fire ground operations.


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