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Some of LCF's Recent Accomplishments

Supported by generous donors and funds raised by both Boston Marathon Teams LCF 2020 and Team LCF 2021 Last Call Foundation has provided funds for a range of unfunded needs, research and education.


Funded the meta-analysis of all fire service-related research being conducted by Dr. Sara Janke at the Center for Fire, Rescue, and EMS Health Research. This will be published on LCF web site in a user-friendly format.

Funded the development of an updated fire hose thermal resistance time-to failure test. Got test approval from UL and it has now been adopted by the NFPA. NOTE TO FIRE DEPARTMENTS: please ask for the “time-to failure test result” before purchasing a fire hose.

Pushed the fire hose manufacturing industry to apply today’s technologies to fire hose. Independently tested the Snap-tie Warrior (thermally resistant – won’t melt in heat) Fire Hose before the manufacturer brought it to market. LCF funded the purchase of Snap-tite Warrior fire hose for the City of Boston. LCF will continue to push for funding for every fire department to purchase this thermally far superior fire hose. 

Supported research at Notre Dame by Dr. Graham Peaslee, provided the funding for independent confirmation of the study of PFAS (a known carcinogen) in PPE – bunker gear. PFAS is used in the manufacturing or supply chain and is found in alarming levels in firefighters Personal Protective Gear.  

Funded University of Alabama PFAS dermal absorption study - Dr. Suzanne E. Lapi.

Funded the documentary – BURNED – PROTECTING THE PROTECTORS. The story of how a firefighter wife uncovered the truth about PPE - bunker gear, being saturated in carcinogenic chemicals in the manufacturing process or supply chain.

A grant from the Last Call Foundation funded DetecTogether ‘s creation of firefighter–specific Cancer Awareness, Early Detection and, Medical Self Advocating education program. This program is now being taught across the country.

Funding the Tufts University Research Project to identify currently available technologies able to be adapted to the fire service, including: 

  • Member tracking without GPS

  • Fire ground mapping using thermal resistant drone

  • Heat build-up tracking and warning of eminent flashover

  • Imaging processing techniques for visibility through smoke and low light conditions.

Funded decontamination of fire houses, apparatus and gear exposed to COVID 19 Contamination across the Commonwealth.

Funded Boston Fire Department $25,000 for member heart scans. LCF helped fund reimbursement program to encourage participation and reduce out of pocket expenses. 

Funded Boston Fire Department purchase and installation of exercise equipment at the BFD training facility on Moon Island.

Funded Westborough Fire Department Bunk Gear Cabinet Dryer.

Funding the study at MGH to investigate PTSD in the fire service.

Joined forces with Boston Fire Department, Pan-Mass Challenge Team and, together, directed the total funds raised by Team BFD specifically to firefighter related research at Dana Farber.

Funded FDNY One super-size extractor for washing bunker gear, two bunker gear dryers and two boot, helmet and SCBA decontamination machines for use at the Fire Academy.

Provided Engine Companies with on-scene decontamination kits to help prevent bringing heavily contaminated gear back to the firehouse.

Provided matching funds to Wilbraham Fire Department for extractor and bunker gear dryer.

Funded the purchase and proper training in the use of ballistic vests for Sturbridge firefighters.

Provided funding for four SCBA boot and glove cleaning machines to Boston Fire Department.

LCF-funded studies and research projects have various timelines. Some will require funding over several years, while others are close to publication.

Because every firefighter is a hero every day.

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