Last Call Foundation 2019 Accomplishments

  • Provided funding for two SCBA boot and glove cleaning machines to Boston Fire Department; also just approved funding for two more.

  • Provided matching funds to Wilbraham Fire Department for extractor and bunker gear dryer.

  • Ongoing funding for cancer prevention training across the country through the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.

  • Joined forces with Boston Fire Department Pan-Mass Challenge Team and together directed the total funds raised by the team specifically to firefighter related research at Dana Farber. This will continue in 2020.

  • Funded the ongoing meta-analysis of all fire service related research being conducted by the Center for Fire, Rescue, and EMS Health Research.

  • Provided funding to the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts for the Firefighter Relief Fund, used exclusively to support sick and injured firefighters and their families.

PFAS Research

  • Provided funding for the ongoing study at Notre Dame of PFAS (a known carcinogen) exposure to firefighters, found to be a component in turnout gear.

  • Provided funding to the University of Alabama to identify dermal absorption of PFAS and PFOA (known carcinogens), as the follow-on to the Notre Dame study.

Click to watch the PFAS 101 Webinar
  • Approved funding for a study at MGH to investigate PTSD in the fire service.

  • Approved funding for research collaboration by BU and UMASS Boston to implement a heat acclimation protocol to improve performance and prevent deaths due to cardiac events in the line-of-duty and/or immediately following a response.

  • Filed final patent for fire hose with the hope that it protects the components as LCF’s fire hose committee with expert advice continues to refine both the liner and jacket.

  • Tufts University proposal now under review. To identify currently available technologies able to be adapted to the fire service, including: member tracking without GPS; fire ground mapping using thermal resistant drone; heat build-up tracking and warning of eminent flashover; imaging processing techniques for visibility through smoke and low light conditions.

These LCF-funded studies and research projects have various timelines. Some will require funding over several years, while others are close to publication.

Because every firefighter is hero every day.

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