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Executive Director



Executive Director, Last Call Foundation, Inc.

Part-time position 20-30 hrs. per week

**This position is based in Boston, MA**


A 3-to-6-month training and transition period can be offered to the right candidate. An understanding and relationship with fire service culture is desired.

Since 2014 the Last Call Foundation, Inc. (LCF), a public non-profit organization, has introduced funding, education, and research that furthers its mission to advance the safety needs of the firefighting community. As the organization’s management leader, the Executive Director will work with the President-Founder, Board Members and our consultants during a transition of Foundation oversight responsibility. 

The position may ultimately include all aspects of development, administration, operations, events and programs coordination that result in the advancement of the organization’s mission.

Tuition reimbursement will be offered for related education. For the right person, LCF may consider supporting education and growth into this position.


The Executive Director’s responsibilities include the following key areas:

  • Fundraising and Development – Responsible for cultivating revenue streams to support the Last Call Foundation’s mission and objectives. Fundraising priorities will include:

    • Spearhead an LCF Gala or alternative special event.

    • Oversee Boston Marathon fundraiserThis includes liaising with BFD Boston Fire Dept. and oversight of the team trainer Charity Teams and providing the team captain any required support for the bibs as well as various sponsorship programs in support of team members.

    • Encourage and oversee community fund drives. Includes input from in support of local fire departments.

    • Be aware of local, state, and federal agencies, as well as to appropriate foundations.grant opportunities LCF can encourage fire departments to apply for. 

    • Research and develop new fundraising strategies.

    • Serve as a resource to local fire departments, liaise when needed.

    • Cultivate donor relationships; includes existing as well as developing new donor relationships. 

  • Administration and Operations – Oversees LCF’s general operations and financial management including:

    • Prepare/oversee financial reports with comptroller. Includes the strategic financial plan, annual budget, monthly/quarterly financial statements for Board review, annual audit, and 990 filings.

    • Hire, train, supervise, and evaluate staff as foundation grows.

    • Manage consultants, includes all independent contractors, service providers and volunteers.

    • Develop media relationships. Disseminate information about LCF’s accomplishments on firefighter specific social networking platforms, LCF’s website, and in print and broadcast media.

    • Develop social media presence. Ensure LCF’s social media presence and web profile are dynamic and current.

  • Program and Stakeholder Relations Management

    • Develop community education programs. Increase public awareness of fire safety and firefighters’ occupational hazards and health vulnerabilities.

    • Serve as liaison with the firefighting community. This includes firefighters, their families, professional organizations, and municipal governments.

    • Serve as liaison between the Board and LCF grant recipients. These sectors include research on advanced safety in firefighting equipment as well as medical and public health bodies investigating complex health hazards for firefighters.

    • Identify opportunities for technological initiatives and related capabilities.

    • Vet funding requests. Evaluate proposals from firefighting organizations, municipalities, and other constituents. Present these proposals to the Board.

  • Public Speaking

    • Advocate in state and federal legislatures and local governments for firefighter priorities.

    • Respond to interview requests.

  • Board Governance – The Executive Director will report directly to the President and Board of Directors. Responsibilities will include:

    • Work with committee chairs.

    • Apprise the President and Board of the organization’s ongoing activities as necessary.

    • Assist in Board recruitment and development.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Preference given to U.S. veterans and fire service members and family members..

  • Bachelor’s degree or willingness to work toward same, in nonprofit management, business administration, or communications or significant experience with nonprofits.

  • Ideally 2-3 years non-profit leadership, contributing to growth of an organization.

  • Significant experience in the development field.

  • Proven record of success in innovative solutions to increasing income stream.

  • Experience in or connections to potential donors and supporters.

  • Working with our event producers to plan special events.

  • Appreciation of firefighter culture and awareness of fire protection and safety technology and willingness to learn.

  • Excellent public speaking, presentation, and written communication skills

  • Expertise in donor databases and Microsoft Office suite.

  • Strong skills in social media and oversight of managing website content.

  • The flexibility to travel intermittently if needed to grantee sites and other venues.

How to Apply:

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to

If these instructions are not followed, application will not be considered. 

Apply by:  No later than February 25, 2022


Salary Range: $65,000-$80,000 for 20-30hrs/week commitment.


About this Organization:

The Last Call Foundation was established in 2014 to honor the memory of Boston firefighter Michael-Ryan Kennedy, who along with Lieutenant Edward Walsh, perished while on duty actively fighting a fire in Boston’s historic Back Bay.

Thanks to the valued contributions from our generous donors, volunteers, and partner organizations, the Last Call Foundation has been able to fund a range of initiatives benefiting firefighters who serve the City of Boston and other communities across Massachusetts and beyond.

Accomplishments over the last seven plus years include, grants for equipment to clean carcinogens from bunker gear and breathing apparatus; for cancer awareness/prevention education and screening programs; and grants for COVID decontamination of fire stations across Massachusetts.


A Last Call Foundation initiative to identify and bring to market the next generation fire hoses is underway. Last Call Foundation funded research, in partnership with leading academic, medical, and universities, is focused on understanding better the safety, health and wellness challenges facing firefighters on duty, and in bringing more effective and safer technologies/solutions to help them.


The Executive Director of the Foundation will have an opportunity to play a meaningful role in further expanding such partnerships, and in continuing to build on an organization that can make a lasting impact on protecting the safety, health and wellness of firefighters and the communities they protect, in memory of fallen firefighter Michael Kennedy.

**This position is based in Greater Boston**

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