A newly awarded grant from The Last Call Foundation will allow 15-40 Connection to continue expanding its Firefighter Initiative, educating first responders and helping reduce cancer mortality in the fire service. Read the full article. 

Gear treated with ‘forever chemicals’ poses risk to firefighters

Firefighters face occupational hazards on a daily basis.  Now, new research shows they face additional risk just by gearing up. 


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Last Call and Redline to Decontaminate Firehouses

Last Call Foundation is funding the decontamination services provided by Redline in effort to prevent our first responders from exposure to COVID-19. 

Funds raised by Team LCF from March 15th through Sept. 1st will be used to provide fire departments with grants for decontamination of firehouses, apparatus, ambulances and gear.

Support our first responders by making a donation to Team LCF.

Brian Baxter trains in memory of Michael Kennedy, Edward Walsh.  Read the full article on BostonHerald.com.



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