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Mission of the Last Call Foundation

To provide funding, education and research to advance the safety needs of the firefighting community.  We are committed to enhancing the ability of our dedicated firefighting professionals to effectively and safely fight fires and protect the public.

What's New With LCF?


LCF & DetecTogether Have Partnered

This new partnership is geared toward educating first responders and helping reduce cancer mortality in the fire service.

PFAS Research Led by Dr. Peaslee of N.D

Firefighters face occupational hazards on a daily basis. Now, new research shows they face additional risk just by gearing up.

LCF's Fire Hose Initiative

Last Call Foundation is funding the research to develop a next generation fire attack hose that will reliably extinguish every fire. ​

LCF's Fundraising Goal

Because the 2021 Boston Marathon® falls on what would have been Michael's 41st birthday, board member and Team LCF captain Sarah has pledged to raise $41,000.


Donate now and help her reach this meaningful goal. 

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